Matrix Mariner GPS

Download Matrix Mariner GPS 1.0beta for Microsoft Windows:

Download Matrix Mariner GPS 1.0beta for Ubuntu Linux:

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Release Notes

What is Matrix Mariner GPS:

Matrix Mariner GPS is a simple GPS display for Windows. Currently MMG will display numeric values from a single GPS for:

Time and Date
Latitude and Longitude
Speed Over Ground
Couse Over Ground
Multiple GPS Status messages
(Active/Void, No Fix/2d Fix/3d Fix, Number of satellites used for Fix)

Each set of information can be turned on or off so you only see the information you need.

MMG gives you full control of the font, size and color for the data you choose to display. MMG also allows you to store two sets of colors for Night and Day operation modes which you can quickly switch between.

MMG also allows you to capture gps data and then play it back.

You can also share or replicate (create virtual) GPS(s) so that other applications can also be connected to the same GPS information that MMG is connected to. This can be done in two ways. One, create virtual serial ports*. Or two, create a GPS TCP Network Service.

**Virtual COM port creation is only available on 32bit versions of Windows.

Lastly MMG will output KML to Google Earth. What this means is that you can track your live GPS position using Google Earth and MMG. When you enable this option, MMG gives you a control panel that allows you to zoom, tilt, rotate or course up your view in Google Earth.